Emergency Chiller Keeps Carpet Manufacturer Running

The Situation

Around 8.30am, Phil received a call (whilst driving to Canberra) from a carpet manufacturer based in Sydney. He had an urgent need for a fluid chiller as theirs had reduced in efficiency by 50-60% of capacity. No chiller meant lost production, staff would have to go home and their process production would fall behind schedule delaying customer orders. Something they could not afford.

By 12pm the chiller equipment (a Trane 220 kw Air Cooled Fluid Low Temp Chiller and suitable pump) was delivered.

By 3pm it was up and running.

The Engineering Manager was extremely impressed…

Customer Testimonial

Just a short note in recognition of the recent supply of an emergency chiller unit to us at Interface and the level of service that was given by your staff.

I am very pleased to able to write to you to thank you and your team for the high level of service and professionalism by all who I dealt with and who attended our site to aid in the installation of an emergency chiller unit at our plant in Picton NSW.

Our chiller unit had one compressor fail sometime over the weekend of 21st/22nd April, the response from our service company on Monday morning revealed that there were no spare compressors in the country. Without our chiller it looked like we may have had to close a major part of our plant down.

We manufacture modular carpet (carpet tiles) and are the largest manufacturer of carpet tiles in Australia and the No.1 Commercial Carpet Company in Australia. We are mainly a make to order business with a lead time of three weeks from receipt of order to delivery to the customer and are currently achieving a 98% delivery in full and on time (DIFOT). Any delays in the delivery of our product has a flow on effect in building works and office renovations of our customers not including what it would do to our reputation.

With our unit running on one compressor we had to slow our production plant down below minimum optimum speed, less than 50% of normal and the temperature of our cooling water only had two degrees to go before it would have shut the plant down resulting in sending our workforce home and delaying customers orders.

I remembered that Phil James had first called in to see me some two years ago (and a couple of calls since) detailing the stand-by/emergency chiller units that were part of the Active Air fleet. I rang Phil at about 8:30am on Monday and even though he was travelling he began the process of arranging an emergency unit for us. Several phone call exchanges between Nathan in your office, myself and Phil in his car to sort out mechanical and electrical connections ensued with a unit and installation crew arriving here on site just on lunch time on Monday about three hours after my initial call.

I was extremely impressed with the teamwork and efforts displayed by Phil and Nathan on the phone and Nick, Dominic and Souren on-site here in getting the unit connected and running with it producing chilled water into our system by 3:00pm.

In this day and age there is a lot of lip service given from companies who say they can provide emergency equipment at short notice and I have become unimpressed with most over the years but I must say that Active Air have done everything and more to renew my confidence. I was very impressed with everyone who was involved from Active Air with the supply and install of this emergency chiller unit in the time frame that it was done (and it takes a bit to impress me these days).”

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