Cryogenic Cooling

The Situation

The medical facility at the University of Sydney was built during the 1940s using a remarkably ‘green’ solution for cooling.

Their cryogenic refrigeration space is two levels underground and relies not on central air conditioning, but the ambient temperature. This highly energy efficient solution works the majority of the time. Except on Sydney’s most sweltering days. It was on one of these days that Active Air Rentals got the call to install temporary air conditioning to support their very large tissue sample refrigerators.

The Solution

The refrigerators must keep the samples at -80 degrees C which is a big ask even on cool days. Using the stalwart 4.5kW portable air conditioner we ‘free blew’ cold air directly onto the fridge’s compressors and the return (hot) air was simply ducted out into the hallway to dissipate on its own.

The Results

Despite excessive ambient temperatures, the fridges kept their vital tissue samples at -80degreesC thanks to a little help from our 4.5kw portable air conditioners.

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