Architects Of Air At Brisbane Festival

The Situation

Last month, Brisbane Festival treated attendees to Architects of Air  ‘Exxopolis’ – a monumental and interactive walk-in inflatable sculpture covering almost 1000 m2.

It offered visitors a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes where Islamic architecture, natural geometry and Gothic cathedrals melded into an inspiring monument paying homage to the beauty of light and colour.

The Solution

The Exxopolis was set up on Brisbane’s Southbank.  But how to keep thousands of visitors cool inside air tight vinyl inflatable structures?

Active Air got the call. Luckily air conditioning temporary structures is one of our areas of expertise, plus we’d successfully air conditioned a similar event back in January at Sydney Festival.

Based on the structure size, expected heat load and layout we installed 7 x 18kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioners and associated electrical distribution equipment to both inflate and cool the enormous inflatable structure.

The Results

Thousands of visitors thronged through the installation and thoroughly enjoyed the experience,

‘Next thing we knew, there were people on the ground all around us going ohhh and ahhhh, fingers pointed at this detail and that. This was the quietest part of the sculpture by far. I think we all realised we were experiencing something special, even the kids.’ 

All the while at a very pleasing temperature despite warm Spring sunshine beating down outside.

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