5 Questions To Ask When Air Conditioning A Marquee

Are you organising air conditioning for a marquee and not quite sure where to start? We’ve put together this handy guide with five questions you will need to answer to ensure your event is properly air conditioned.

1) How much cooling capacity is required?

When organising air conditioning for a marquee, you need to think about how much cooling is required. The amount of heat load and cooling capacity are dependent on the size of your marquee and the time of year.

The best way to determine exactly how much heat load and cooling capacity is required is to speak to the experts and let them determine exactly what is needed.


Take a look at our handy How To Air Condition A Marquee infographic


2) What type of ducting will be used?

Ducting is how the conditioned air is distributed. This is vital as it affects the internal look of the marquee and ensures sufficient air flow.

There are a number of different ducting systems to choose from:

  • Suspended fabric ducting
  • Internal duct towers
  • Wall mounted grills
  • Free blowing systems
  • Or a mixture

The chosen ducting system depends on the marquee’s internal layout and what looks best. Ask for photos of the different ducting systems in application to make an informed decision.


3) Where will the air conditioners be placed?

You will need to refer to your site plan and internal floor plan to determine the best location for the air conditioners and ducting. Make sure that the air distribution system doesn’t interfere with the marquee’s internal set up.

It’s a good idea to book a site inspection or meet in person to discuss exact requirements. This will help flag potential problems and eliminate last minute headaches onsite.


4) When is bump in / bump out?

Make sure to confirm both bump-in and bump-out times with your supplier when organising installation and removal. And clearly state if bump in / out is required after hours to eliminate any additional charges at project completion.


5) Is there power onsite that the air conditioners can use?

The amount and sort of power available often determines what style of unit to use. If there is insufficient power to run the air conditioners, generators will be needed.

You should keep in mind when putting together your budget, as this will be an additional cost.


If you need help figuring out the best air conditioning solution for your marquee, give us a call on 1800 50 50 47.

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