A Cool Room on Bondi Beach

The Situation

Fujitsu is one of Australia’s leading air conditioner brands. Their reputation has been built on their ability to consistently in produce innovative, quality and superior products. What better way to showcase just how ‘cool’ their air conditioners are, then to create a glass room on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, in Summer and cool it to a comfy 22 degrees. Gutsy.

The Challenge and Solution

Habitat Media approached Active Air Rentals to carry out the installation of the Fujitsu units into the glass room activation.

Working with Habitat media, Active Air Rentals designed the setup and configuration of the air conditioners ensuring the design would keep inside ambient air temperatures at 22 degrees.

With heat wave temperatures expected on the first day of the installation, the team worked tirelessly through the night to ensure the equipment would run smoothly and that the configuration was spot-on to deliver on its promise of a cool room.

The glass room was a huge success!

What a novel experience to sit on Bondi Beach enjoying a comfortable 22-degree glass room, while beachgoers outside baked in outside temperatures in the thirties.

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