Managing Risk With ProActive Planning

Westmead Hospital



We have a huge range of different sized chillers, so we’re easily able to supply a back up for almost any situation.

ProActive Planning

By getting us to provide a contingency plan, Westmead Hospital were able to have a solution installed quickly in an emergency.

With Sydney set to suffer through extreme weather conditions, the team at Westmead Hospital had concerns over the reliability of their chiller plant through the peak summer period.

Installing 3,500 kW of air-cooled chiller plant was a big ask. Added to that was the need to supply temporary power to operate the system. Five chillers, along with four generators, a custom-made switchboard, and multiple sets of 240 mm power lock cables were required to get the job done.

With a small footprint to work with, extensive planning was required to organise the craning in of equipment. With numerous truck movements occurring, a traffic management plan was devised to allow for the transportation and positioning of equipment.

Once the crane lifts and positioning were in progress outside, mechanical plumbers set about cutting into the existing chilled water system.

To accommodate chilled water from the temporary plant, 300 mm diameter stainless steel pipe was run through the plant room and the adjacent wall where set of custom-built headers were installed to accept water from the chillers outside.

The 100 mm flexible hose used to connect the chillers to the headers was then laid out, and a team of electricians began running out the 240 mm cable sets that would be used to connect the chillers, switchboard, splitters, and generators.

The temporary system also required a certain amount of fine control; accepting communication over RS485 from the building management system (BMS) to the panel. This allowed for managing generator starts, machine rotation, and general step control of the chillers to meet the combined plant demand. The solution was commissioned by Thursday,  22 December – just four working days after work orders were received.

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