RAAF Glenbrook Headquarters Plant Room Refurbishment

Temporary Chiller Plant Solution


We were able to provide all the necessary equipment required to keep the plant room operational, including heat exchangers, pumps and associated equipment.

End To End Solution

We were able to provide a complete solution including coordinating the installation with other contractors as well as onsite contacts.

Electrical Distribution

Our wide range of rental equipment allows us to provide a complete solution, including power cables.

The Challenge:

RAAF Glenbrook HQ was getting a major upgrade to it’s building, including the plant room which housed the heating and cooling systems along with a cooling tower. The refurbishment meant the plant room and existing cooling tower would be demolished. A new plant room would be built to house new equipment and a new platform constructed for the replacement cooling tower.

The building works and installation of the new mechanical system had been estimated at several weeks, however the RAAF could not afford to have extended downtime; it was our job to keep the RAAF’s headquarters operational.


The Solution:

We designed a complete end-to-end package consisting of multiple chillers, air handling units, mobile boiler plant, mobile switch boards, cooling tower, and control system. We coordinated all the logistics, labour, and engineering to provide a fully functional, standalone air conditioning plant capable of servicing the entire office building.

We designed a system which allowed us to replace the entire plant room with complete heating and cooling systems, including chillers and all other associated equipment required to provide a fully operational system. Our equipment was connected to existing structures where possible and temporary distribution was set up where required.

We were fortunate that the site had sufficient power available for our equipment without the need to use temporary generators.The site electricians provided powerlock tails on their mains switchboard which allowed us a fast and safe install with our powerlock cables. We installed temporary controls and time clocks for the systems to automatically switch on and off when required.

Being an essential site, the backup generator could not be offline, so we craned our cooling tower in and connected it into the existing infrastructure to power the site’s backup water-cooled generator. 


The Outcome:

We were able to provide a complete, end-to-end solution; removing any stress to the client. Our team managed the install from start to finish, including coordinating the installation with the mechanical contractor and onsite builder to ensure there were no issues with plant outage.

The project was planned to provide the base with a temporary plant room while the staged installation by the mechanical contractor was completed. Our systems stayed operational for a period of eight weeks, avoiding the necessity for any downtime on the base.

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