Active Air’s Rapid Response Saves Thousands of Bottles in Lost Production

Temporary Chiller Plant Solution for Nu Pure Beverages


We were able to provide not only a replacement chiller but also heat exchangers, pumps and additional hoses and bypass valves.

Rapid Response

Our team acted quickly and were able to provide an initial solution within the afternoon, and a total solution within 48 hours.

End To End Solution

When the initial solution was not sufficient, we were able to find, install, and commission a complete solution within the day.

When a 24-hour bottling facility loses a chiller in one of its production lines, it’s a race against the clock to get production back up.

This was the case recently for Nu Pure Beverages, who were facing the prospect of over 27,000 bottles per hour in lost production, when they lost the chiller for their only sparkling water bottling line.

FD Air Building Services, who manages the Nu Pure Beverages facility, called Active Air Rentals at 12:30 PM on Saturday evening. The team got straight to work, getting the equipment to site by 4:30 PM and commissioning the chiller by 8:30 PM that night.

But it’s not always that straightforward. While installing the solution, experienced refrigeration mechanic, John Ferguson, noticed an issue.

“While the chiller was running fine, the return water flow wasn’t as good as I’d wanted to see,” explained John. “I discussed with the project manager that we may need an additional heat exchanger and pump to negate the low water issues. We decided to keep an eye on the situation and see if that would be required.

“Well, by 11:00 PM the chiller tripped on the low flow, so we organised an extra heat exchanger, pump, hoses and bypass valves.”

The solution was installed and commissioned by 2:00 PM on Sunday (24 hours from the initial call) and Nu Pure Beverages had their sparkling water line back to full production.

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