Medium Temp Chillers

Do you require supplementary cooling for your manufacturing plant or computer room? Or maybe you’re handling chemicals that need to be kept to temp, so they don’t degrade? Hire a medium temp chiller from Active Air for all your chiller rental needs.

We know the importance of having a cooling system that works for you, and as Australia’s leading chiller rental company, we can help you with the best chillers on the market.

Hire a medium temp chiller for your cooling needs

Medium temp chillers are unique and specialised cooling units that keep food, chemicals and other stored items at an optimal temperature, usually between 3° and 15° C. They are also used for cooling spaces and water for other applications, as well as providing additional cooling for your existing system or chiller.

By selecting to use a chiller hire near you for your next event or for your business, you can ensure:

  • Your pharmaceuticals are maintained at the proper temps needed for efficacy and safety.
  • Food products and other perishables you are storing will stay cold, and you’ll be meeting all food safety requirements.
  • Chemicals you need available will maintain stability and will not degrade from the heat.
  • Continuity of operations even if your existing cooling system stops functioning, whether it’s for air conditioning purposes or other applications.
  • Ease of mind knowing that your cooling requirements are being met.

At Active Air, we work with a variety of industries and understand that most businesses require unique temperature solutions. Our experts can work with you to provide one that will best meet your company’s needs.

Browse our product line of medium temp chillers

Maintaining a controlled environment is crucial for many businesses, and you want to be sure that the equipment you have will do the job efficiently. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line, medium chiller temp products for your applications. Among some of our products are:

  • 78 kW Reverse Cycle Chiller — This unique machine provides both cooling and heating, and contains a low temp option for when you need to keep an item at extremely low temps. The compact chiller is perfect for small areas while packing the punch of a much larger machine.
  • 200 kW Chiller — This Aquasnap liquid chiller comes with a custom-built frame, so it is easy to manoeuvre into any position you need it. The machine runs quietly and boasts high-efficiency compressors and a two-speed fan. The chiller also has an easy, user-friendly control system.
  • 800 kW Chiller — When you need maximum cooling power in a large space, this machine can get the job done. With easy power and plumbing connections, this chiller doesn’t take long to set up, and the user-friendly controls make it easy to operate.

If you’re ready to hire a medium temp chiller, talk to our team at Active Air, and we can help you find the right setup for your business.

Effective cooling with Active Air’s chiller hires near you

Active Air has a long-standing reputation for stellar customer service and providing high-quality equipment. By trusting us with your medium temp chiller rental, you’re getting excellent equipment and a team of experts to help you with the right solution for your business. With on-time delivery and custom solutions, you know you’re in good hands.

Contact our team today to hire your medium temp chiller. We can answer your questions and provide you with a solution that fits your needs!

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