OfficesOffice Air Conditioner Hire

Depending on the office size, available power (standard office plugs or industrial three phase) and the heat load of your office there are many air conditioner hire options.

The Stalwart Air Conditioner

In general, however we use the stalwart 4.5kW Portable Air Conditioner for offices and simply duct the waste hot air up through the ceiling tiles and into the ceiling cavity.

There are a few others that you can choose from, have a browse below or get in touch. 1800 50 50 47.

Office Heater Hire

If you need a small heater to keep your office team warm then we recommend the Electric Mini Furnace.

Entire Office Building Air Conditioner / Chiller Hire

If the entire office building’s air conditioning has stopped then advise your facility manager. They will call their HVAC technician who will organise temporary chiller hire.

Browse The Equipment

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4.4 kW Air Conditioner 4.5 kW Air Conditioner 10 kW Air Conditioner Chillers Electric Mini Furnace

Still Not Sure?

Get in touch and we’ll work out what’s the most efficient and cost effective air conditioner hire or heater hire option.