Warehouse & Factory Air Conditioning / Cooling

If you want to cool an entire large warehouse or factory, then hire the mighty combination of a

This combination will lower most warehouse or factory temperatures enough to ensure stock doesn’t spoil.

For a slightly smaller area then have a look at either the

Spot Cooling Within A Warehouse or Factory

However, if you want to cool a single area within a warehouse or factory, such as where someone works on a production line, an admin desk or a lunch break space then the 4.5kW portable air conditioner is the warehouse or factory air conditioner of choice.

Custom Warehouse or Factory Air Conditioning / Cooling

Not quite what you’re after? Give us a call or get in touch. We have designed numerous custom warehouse and factory cooling solutions.

We provide warehouse and factory air conditioning / cooling in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Newcastle, Canberra and many places in between. Give us a call about warehouse or factory air conditioners




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