Foxtel Data Centre HVAC Contingency

100kVA_Temporary_Power_Generator_Fuel_Cell_105kW_Packaged_Unit_Air_Conditioner_Foxtel 100kVA_Temporary_Power_Generator_Fuel_Cell_105kW_Packaged_Unit_Air_Conditioner_Foxtel2 100kVA_Temporary_Power_Generator_Fuel_Cell_Foxtel3


The Situation

Foxtel couldn’t risk any broadcast interruptions over the Easter weekend so they called in Active Air Rentals to provide an HVAC contingency for their data centre.

The Solution

The team installed a temporary 105kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioner powered by a temporary 100kVA generator, and 3000L fuel cell. If the Foxtel data centre HVAC system failed then the Active Air contingency HVAC system would kick in ensuring the data centre stayed cool and Foxtel would keep broadcasting.