What do you need?

The 15kW Electric Blower Heater is quiet, has simple controls and is good looking. These heaters are ideal for both industrial uses and events.

The 1400kW LP Gas Fire Tube Boiler conforms to AS1210 standards. It is an indoor unit but can be used outdoors, as long as it is undercover. It also has excellent storage capacity.

The 21kW Electric Blower Heater is quiet, has a robust steel cabinet and simple controls. These heaters are ideal for industrial uses.

The Electric Radiant Spot Heater instantly warms objects and people through its intense, infra-red, radiant heat. It is ideal for localised spot heating in large open environments.

The 105kW Packaged Unit Air Conditioner is great for both cooling and heating. These units are ideal for large marquees and can be used in groups for even larger structures.

The 70kW Packaged Unit Vertical Air Conditioner is unique with its small narrow footprint and vertical discharge.

This convection heater provides a natural heat effect by warming air in the room as it circualtes past the heater columns

These small and compact heaters really do pack a punch! The Electric Mini Furnace is the perfect solution for a quick heating fix.

The HVAC Packaged Unit Air Conditioner provides outstanding gas heating, evaporative cooling and airflow.