Our NEW 21kW Electric Blower Heater (EBH) designed to minimise fire risk, designed by us to Australian standards and built in-house

EBH_Hero__back_2016EBH models made with inferior cheap components and poor design after long periods of continued operation can fail due to components breaking down or burning out which also poses a huge safety risks. Active Air Rentals’ new Australian design and built EBH addresses these safety concerns.

With increasing frustration about reliability and safety concerns arising from some of the inferior EBH models that are currently in the market, Active Air Rentals tasked themselves with designing a more reliable and safer model built in Australian to Australian safety standards using well-established components.

“We were tired of hearing about cheap components failing in current EBH models. These inferior parts aren’t able to handle the heat produced when these units are operating and would often burn out, causing the EBH to fail and posing a potential fire risk.” Explains Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air Rentals.

“Often these units are operated in out of sight areas; it is just a recipe for disaster” He continues.

Active Air Rentals heavily invest in product innovation and research with over $3 million spent in the last financial year. Their in-house engineering team had the confidence they could design and build a safer product for their customers, one they could be confident would operate without components burning out.

The new 21kW EBH developed by Active Air Rentals includes several safety features setting itself apart from inferior models operating in the market;

  1. EBH_Hero_2_2016A 5-minute timer that ensures the fan cools the unit down for 5 minutes once the unit is switched off.
  2. Indicator lights to provide simple fault finding when something is not running correctly
  3. Use of high-quality switch gear that can handle higher temperature overload
  4. Larger housing, making the unit more ergonomic and requiring less bending in delivery and installation
  5. A heavier cable, less susceptible to burning out

“With the safety enhancements we’ve made to our EBH’s, we stand behind our product with 100% confidence, knowing our customer have a quality heating solution designed and built in-house using well-established components and that we have vigorously tested” Brad finishes.

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