We’ve removed the barriers to access for your next event with our must have Accessibility Cable Covers

img_1952As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of power to the events industry, Active Air Rentals have invested in 25 metres of accessibility cable covers, designed to create a ramp for access guests to improve their path of travel in accessing and moving around event sites.

“Running power distribution at events requires many metres of cable runs, which require cable covers. Current options act like speed bumps and create a barrier for access guests with mobility needs and parents with prams; we weren’t happy with this as a solution” Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air Rentals said.

“As a supplier to the events industry, we have a responsibility that when barriers exist, remove them.” Continues Brad.

Key features position the new accessibility covers as the new standard in event cable protection;

  1. Modular System offers a variety of cable protector sections that can be added and removed to create customised solutions.
  2. Low profile cable channel protectors that interlock with ramp sections to provide safe crossing points and paths for access guests
  3. Made out of strong but lightweight Polyurethane material that’s UV resistant
  4. Textured ramp surface provides traction and resists slips

With the events season upon us and the responsibility of event organisers to have comprehensive Disability Inclusion Plans (DIAP) for their events, Active Air Rentals’ accessibility cable covers are sure to generate more than a little interest.

“We’re proud to be leading the way with the largest hireable amount of accessible covers in Australia. And we’re excited to be able to offer these to our clients as part of our temporary power distribution service,” concludes Brad.

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