An Alternative for LPG Gas Bottle Delivery in Melbourne.

Active Air Rentals LPG Gas Bottle Delivery Active Air Rentals has extended their service offering and stepped into the LPG gas bottle delivery space this winter. Their LPG delivery is servicing, cafes, businesses, and locals through their unique swap delivery service.

Competitively priced and backed by customer service that they say is second to none. Active Air Rentals guarantees regular delivery days and a 24-hour urgent delivery response.

“There was a real need for a better [LPG] delivery service in Melbourne.” Says Scott Pinnegar, VIC State Manger, Active Air Rentals. “Businesses and customers were fed up with missed deliveries and being let down by poor service with some of the existing options.”

“We have the network, the know-how, and the expertise. So for us, this seemed like a natural progression to add an LPG bottle delivery service.” Continues Scott.

“We’ve had some great feedback. We’ve launched with more success than we anticipated, which is exciting.”

“To be able to offer solutions to our customers that service their needs year round; that’s where we want to be” concludes, Scott.

The Offer

Active Air Rentals offers delivery of both 9kg and 45kg Elgas bottles. Its the extra value they like to build in that sets them apart.

Offering heater hire and sales, along with a qualified gas technician to on staff to assist; They’ve positioned themselves as a one-stop shop when it comes to LPG and heating this winter. Add to that their competitive pricing and access to their national fleet of heating and air conditioning hire equipment.

The value of being part of the Active Air Rentals family just got a little warmer.

For now, the Active Air Rentals LPG gas bottle delivery service is servicing Melbourne CBD. But, with continued success we see them expanding this service to other areas in no time. Find out more.