Key Trends For The Australian Temporary Air Conditioning and Power Market

key_trends_hvacChanging weather conditions, demand for quick response back-up plans, air conditioning innovations and a greater desire for environmentally responsible events. Active Air Rentals Director, Brad Sweeny, discusses key trends in the Australian temporary air conditioning and power market.

Heat Waves

‘Australia had numerous heatwaves over the summer with a significant effect on the temporary air conditioning market.’ explains Brad Sweeny, Director, Active Air Rentals.

‘The heatwaves are more frequent and lasting longer which is putting enormous pressure on building HVAC systems. These weather patterns are predicted to continue so the pressure is only going to get worse. When building HVAC systems fail or can’t keep up with demand, temporary air conditioning is required. Extrapolate this out across the country and it gets very big very quickly.’

‘Some facilities managers are opting to purchase back-up portable air conditioners and expect to just ‘plug and play.’ However, incorrect installation leads to hot air escaping, which further increases the temperature. This quickly spirals out of control requiring more cold air which requires more air conditioners, more power and more space leading to a negative heat spiral.’

Quick Response Back-Up Plans

Negative heat spirals and failed or sub-performing building HVAC systems are unacceptable, especially when the public, patients or sensitive equipment is involved.

‘So we expect the trend of facilities managers developing quick response back-up plans with temporary air conditioning suppliers to continue.

Facility managers with these plans get immediate action. This treatment is priceless, especially when highly sensitive equipment is involved or in the middle of a heatwave.’

Air Conditioning Innovations

‘There have been a number of air-conditioning innovations announced lately from the likes of Daikin and Samsung. We expect these innovations to start to be adapted for the temporary commercial markets.’

Environmentally Sustainable Events

‘We’re also predicting the continued rise of environmentally responsible events. This requires the innovative use of power distribution, a mix of mains and diesel generator power supply as well as more energy efficient air conditioning, power and coolroom equipment.’

‘There are a lot of things that can be done to make an event more environmentally friendly and we’re finding that event professionals value suppliers who have that knowledge and can help them achieve their sustainability objectives.’

About Active Air Rentals

Active Air Rentals is Australia’s all round cooling, heating and power rental company. Specialising in hire and rental of temporary air conditioning, power generation, climate control and refrigeration equipment.

Founded in 1972 by Managing Director, Jim Sweeny, Active Air Rentals has grown from humble beginnings as air conditioner installers and sheet metal manufacturers, to an all round national cooling, heating and power rental company.

Active Air Rentals is renowned for providing outstanding service, excellent customer relationships and addressing difficult, unusual or specialised projects.

Active Air Rentals has over 40 years experience installing temporary air conditioning into every conceivable location.  From crane towers to coal mines, from war ships to entire inner city villages, from emergency civil defence camps to enormous events such as the Australian Open and thousands of offices and server rooms along the way.

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