Keeping everyone cool in tough times

Letter of Thanks for Murray ShireBack in January this year, the South West region of Western Australia was hit with a massive fire, which all but leveled the small town of Yarloop. The fire burnt more than 69,000 hectares and threatened lives and homes for days in the shires of Harvey and Waroona.

The community of Yarloop was evacuated to the Murray Leisure Centre in Pinjarra with just the clothes they had on their backs.

Along with the rest of the South West community, Active Air Rentals wanted to do all they could to help.

Brett Richards, WA State Manager, Active Air, contacted the Shire to see what we could do to help. Julie Burton, Director Corporate and Community Development, Shire of Murray, advised Brett that due to the heat the air conditioning system at the Leisure Centre had broken down.

With around 150 people crammed into the space, along with cooking equipment to feed the group, the heat would’ve been unbearable. This was something Active Air could help with.

Active Air donated 4 units and the team volunteered their time on a weekend to help everyone out for the two-week period.

It’s the sort of thing you do when people need it. It’s what Australians are good at, helping out a mate.

And, although it was not necessary, nor sought, Brett and his team were chuffed to receive this letter of thanks from Julie Burton, Director Corporate and Community Development, Shire of Murray.

Active Air Rentals keeps the community of Yarloop and in particular the family of the two lives lost in the fire in their thoughts as they rebuild and move on from such a catastrophic disaster.