About Us Old

The Company

Active Air is about providing our clients with products and services that surpass all expectations. We strive to conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and efficiency while maintaining personal contact and building great relationships with each and every one of our clients. Our employees pride themselves on their integrity and we aim to provide them with not only a job but a future.

Active Air is a flexible company that grows and develops with its clients’ needs. We are continually expanding our product range, services and expertise so as to strengthen each area of the business. Our company is best described as having two main areas of operation:

1. Hire & Rental

  • portable air conditioning, heating and dust & fume extraction
  • event air conditioning, power & heating
  • generator hire and complete power management

2. Mechanical Services

  • air conditioning design, construction & project management
  • air conditioning service & maintenance
  • generator service & maintenance

Both areas benefit and are strengthened by the other’s experience and expertise.

Active Air operates nationally with permanent branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra and Adelaide. This gives us the capability to accommodate our national clients as well as to cater for travelling events.

The Past

Active Air opened its doors in 1972 as an air conditioning contractor and ductwork manufacturer. From its humble beginings, the company quickly grew, building strong client relationships and gaining significant repeat business. Some of these clients are still with us today.

In the 1970s a service department was created and flourished on the reputation of being reliable and professional. The department grew to its peak in 1999 at which time it was combined with two other companies to form the ‘trilogy’ that is ‘Trilogy Maintenance Solutions’ (now Hastie Services). In 2007 our service department resumed trading as a small, efficient, profitable team that looks after the maintenance contracts of all new developments completed by our project managers and a small niche of other clients.

In the 1980s Active Air was the first to introduce portable air conditioning into Australia and with it the concept of ‘renting’ air conditioning, renting portables and package units to the industry at first, then to the wider community as well as the growing event industry.

In 2006 Active Power Management was created and commenced trading, quickly establishing itself as a professional, reliable and capable company which now provides complete onsite power management to some of Australia’s biggest events. Together, Active Air and Active Power Management now provide outstanding products and services in both the hire of air and power to our valued clients across a host of industries.

The Future

With this firm base to build on we are looking forward to our future. We have some exciting plans for the development of each department involving contingency planning, on-the-job and in-house training, as well as external courses.  Active Air is committed to our goal of being able to provide our products and services to the whole of Australia and we look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with our clients and our staff to ensure everyone involved with Active Air prospers from the experience.